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This Week’s Spotlight on Human Rights

Wall Street Journal

Authoritarians Threaten Journalists Around the Globe

From Vladimir Putin in Russia to the theocrats in Iran, authoritarian leaders are increasingly shutting down independent media and locking up reporters, with hundreds of journalists now in jail around the globe.

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New York Times

‘Every Day Is Hard’: One Year Since Russia Jailed a U.S. Reporter

In a notorious high-security prison, Evan Gershkovich of The Wall Street Journal stays connected with supporters through letters as they keep up the pressure for his release.

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The Hill

Break the silence on the Dominican Republic’s human rights record

The U.S. should always stand against the practice of arbitrary arrests and the regular imprisonment of people held without charge, especially when victims are American citizens or legal permanent residents. But when it comes to the Dominican Republic, where these tactics are causing instability, President Biden has been mute.

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