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RFK Ripple of Hope Award Honors Dr. Anthony Fauci, Colin Kaepernick

The 2020 RFK Ripple of Hope Award tonight on Facebook will be the first time in the gala’s 52-year history that the event is made open and available to the public.

Originally held on December 10 in honor of Human Rights Day, the Ripple of Hope Award ceremony celebrated Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dolores Huerta, Colin Kaepernick, Dan Schulman, and Dan Springer for their steadfast pursuit of racial and economic equality, social justice, and civil rights.

As RFK Human Rights president Kerry Kennedy told Forbes, “Our hope is by putting the gala onto this platform, it will make our work, our laureates available to thousands of people who would not have access” to them ordinarily.

“Each of us has a role to play to make our country more just, peaceful. [The Ripple of Hope laureates] are examples of people who decided they would use their gifts to serve our country, our communities” but “all of us have gifts and can do the same,” she said.

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