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Groups Unite to Post Millions of Dollars in Bonds to Free Immigrants

For the second year in a row, organizations are uniting to free hundreds of people from dangerous and inhumane immigration detention conditions. Immigrant rights groups, in coordination with the National Bail Fund Network, Detention Watch Network, Minnesota Freedom Fund, and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, have begun posting $3 million in bond to free hundreds of people from over 20 immigration prisons across the United States.

The coalition’s “Fall Freedom Day” far exceeds its historic action last year, when it secured the freedom of 200 people after posting over $2 million in bond. One year later, what the network calls the “largest collective act of freedom” has never been more urgent: fiscal year 2020 marked Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s deadliest year since 2005.

According to the network, “[u]nder the Trump administration, the average amount for the ransom of immigration bond has increased.” While average bond is $10,000, the groups expect to see bonds going as high as $80,000.

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