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“Canary: The Washington Post Investigates” Wins RFK Journalism Award

Amy Brittain, Reena Flores, and Bishop Sand of the Washington Post have been recognized with a 2021 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in the radio division for their work on the seven-part podcast, “Canary: The Washington Post Investigates.”

Canary follows Brittain’s reporting journey documenting failures in the D.C. court system’s handling of a sexual assault case, drawing on over 75 hours of audio recordings and numerous phone calls with sources over an 18-month span. The podcast shows what it takes to come forward with a claim of sexual assault, how journalists work to corroborate such an account, and why that reporting ultimately matters.

The annual RFK Journalism Awards honor outstanding reporting on topics of “human rights, social justice, and the power of individual action.” Since its October 2020 release, Canary has been used as a training tool for therapists, sexual assault prevention officers, and advocates who represent survivors of sexual violence.

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