By Partners for Human Rights
What We're Reading: U.S. Withholds $5 Million in Antidrug Aid to Mexico as Human Rights Rebuke
POSTED ON OCT 20, 2015

This piece in the New York Times shows why the U.S. government is withholding $5 million in security assistance funds to Mexico over human rights concerns. While the suspension of these funds is crucial, it represents only a small fraction of the $195 million allocated to Mexico under the Merida Initiative - a bilateral agreement whereby the U.S. delivers aid to help Mexico fight organized crime. As the U.S. continues to provide assistance to Mexico, it is crucial that funding be directed towards strengthening civilian institutions, police and judicial reform, anti-corruption, rule of law and human rights activities.  Continued support to Mexican security forces without addressing these widespread concerns will do little to improve security in Mexico and is likely to deepen the country's human rights crisis.