Fighting for a Fair Minimum Wage
We’re urging Denny’s to stop lobbying against minimum wage increases for workers.

Some of the country’s largest restaurant chains, including Denny’s, have admitted that paying their workers more wouldn’t hurt their bottom line, yet their corporate lobbying firms continue to aggressively fight efforts for a $15 minimum wage.

The RFK Compass Investor Program and our partners have sent a letter to the CEO of Denny’s, John Miller, urging him to stop working against the dignity and welfare of his own employees.

“The federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up in over a decade. We’re well overdue for change,” says Sancia Dalley, SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Investor Engagement at RFK Human Rights. “We must continue to challenge business leaders to prioritize and uphold human rights as a matter of decency and their fiduciary duty to shareholders.”

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