Credit Where Credit Is Due: The U.S. Government Demonstrates Human Rights Leadership On Myanmar

Michael H. Posner is a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Board Member and the Director of the Center for Business and Human Rights at the Stern School of Business. In his latest contribution to Forbes, Posner touched upon his experience accompanying our  delegation to Myanmar and the U.S. Government's demonstrated leadership on human rights in the area. Below is an excerpt of Posner's piece. You can read his full article for Forbes here

A year ago, I visited those refugee camps, and met with government officials in Myanmar, as part of a delegation sponsored by the organization Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights. In its report, RFK Human Rights recommended that the U.S. and other governments impose “targeted financial, travel and other sanctions on individuals and entities” responsible for the attacks on the Rohingya. At the end of our visit, I wrote in Forbes: “U.S. officials are also avoiding the issue of Burmese military accountability for the massive Rohingya abuses, a grotesque pattern of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. Activists and others in Myanmar are desperate for stronger U.S. leadership.”