2020 Ripple of Hope Award: Dolores Huerta’s Remarks

Thank you so much for bestowing on me this award, the Ripple of Hope. And of course, that ripple of hope is what Senator Robert Kennedy brought to the farmworkers’ movement in California at our most desperate time. Without his support, our path would have been so much harder and so we are very grateful, of course, to that legacy that Senator Kennedy left us. And also taking that ripple of hope that the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation did to South Texas to help farmworkers there, to Florida, and of course, celebrating in New York State—finally being able to achieve the Farmworkers Bill of Rights last year. That was so awesome and I want to thank Kerry Kennedy because I know she worked on that for over a decade! So thank you very much, Kerry, for doing all of that work. And also, being able to be with Kerry at the Mexican border when children were being ripped literally from their parents’ arms. Being able to speak to some of those parents, knowing they had no idea where their children had been taken, and now, of course, we know that over 500 children have been separated from their parents and so that is the work that we have to do, especially in this very critical time. I know that the Robert F. Kennedy foundation is not only helping Latinos, helping immigrants, helping farmworkers, but also so many children in need throughout our country. So I am so happy to be associated with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation and our foundation, the Dolores Huerta Foundation. Together, we will continue working to empower poor people, low income people, people of color in our country because, yes, we want to achieve Senator Robert Kennedy’s dream of a country that is united, a country that is peaceful, a country that is just for everyone. And we can actually make it happen, working altogether.

Sí, se puede. Sí, se puede. Muchas gracias. Thank you very much.


Minhee Cho
Media Relations Associate

Dolores Huerta’s 2020 Ripple of Hope Remarks