Refugee rights

We are currently facing the greatest refugee crisis since World War II. Millions are fleeing conflict and persecution around the world, creating the highest level of migration in eighty years. The global displacement of people is complex and difficult to bring into classroom learning and discussions. Through stories of youth refugees, photos and videos, this series of lesson plans offers a gateway to understanding these topics and allows students to make a tangible connection to the experience of a refugee. Using a human rights-based approach, the educator-developed activities in this unit offer ways to better understand the crisis and challenge cultural narratives and prevailing prejudice and stereotypes against the world’s refugee population. The activities encourage empathy and invite students to reflect on the commonalities they share with their peers who are refugees. Students are introduced to human rights defenders, and are given tools to create change in their communities and beyond.

This unit was created in collaboration with Generation Human Rights, an organization that empowers and engages youth locally and globally to chart a world free from human rights abuse and genocide, through the development of multidisciplinary curricula and custom education programs.