Fall 2022 Defender Speaker Series: Introductory Lesson for Dr. Helen Bond

This fall, we will be hosting a speaker series featuring conversations with world leaders, policy makers, educators, and human rights defenders to help you bring discussions of current human rights issues into your classroom. Each live webinar will be moderated by a student from one of our partner schools. Your students will also have an opportunity to participate through a live question and answer session with the speaker.

We’re excited to announce that our second speaker is Dr. Helen Bond, a University Professor in the School of Education at Howard University in Washington, D.C. and the former Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. As states move to limit critical conversations in classrooms, Dr. Bond is using the U.N.’s sustainable development goals as a framework to promote equity and justice in education. Dr. Bond will share these lessons in her talk, which will be moderated by Meredith Joo, a senior at King School.

In this lesson, students will learn who Dr. Bond is, what the sustainable development goals are, and understand how global citizenship education can help students and teachers better respond to the current challenges in today’s schools.