Report Details Rampant Abuse at Louisiana ICE Detention Center

A DHS complaint submitted by RFK Human Rights, ISLA, and 15 other civil rights groups found the Pine Prairie ICE Processing Facility has been using racially-driven solitary confinement practices.


Over a dozen civil rights groups filed a complaint to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Monday calling for an investigation of the Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center, an immigrant detention facility in Louisiana.

Led by RFK Human Rights and Immigration Services and Legal Advocacy (ISLA), the report documented inhumane conditions, overtly hostile staff, and excessive, at times racially driven solitary confinement practices which were tantamount to torture.

This disturbing pattern of abuse is certainly not unique to Pine Prairie, Sarah Decker, staff attorney for RFK Human Rights told The Lens. These problems are prevalent across all of ICE’s more than 200 jails and detention centers across the country and must be stopped.

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