RFKHR Book Club: The Double Bottom Line by Donato Tramuto

Join us for the RFKHR Board and Leadership Council Book Club Conversation on June 22 from 1-2 pm ET / 10-11 am PT. We host these quarterly virtual gatherings to engage our members, broaden your access to social justice activists, authors, and journalists; and dive deeper into our work.

This month’s selection, The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results, written by RFKHR Board Member, Leadership Council Chair and the foundational supporter of our own Workplace Dignity Program, Donato Tramuto, provides insightful advice for leaders to take initiative in being compassionate and mindful while driving success in their respective business. Utilizing his own experiences and feats as a CEO, Tramuto focuses on inspiring future leaders to not perpetuate a cycle of business that dehumanizes their workers and only view the good health of their company as a focal point. Instead, he supplies the advice of successful business leaders to demonstrate that a successful business and a workplace that centers the dignity of its employees go hand-in-hand. In a world that has been upheaved by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tramuto’s book serves as an enlightening force that gives hope to a progressive change for a more human perspective on a corporate world.

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