Book Club: Poverty, by America with Matthew Desmond

Join us for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights’ Book Club Conversation at 2 pm EDT/11 am PT April 24. We host these quarterly virtual gatherings to engage our members, amplify social justice activists, authors, and journalists, and provide a deep dive into our work.

This month’s selection, Poverty, by America by sociologist Matthew Desmond, draws on history, research, and original reporting to show how affluent Americans knowingly and unknowingly keep poor people poor. The book sheds light on the systemic issues that perpetuate inequality and offers potential solutions for change. Desmond draws from his personal experiences, other people’s stories, and extensive research to highlight the harsh realities of poverty. Extending far beyond low income, poverty encompasses a complex web of interconnected challenges such as housing instability, job insecurity, and psychological harm. Elegantly written and fiercely argued, this compassionate book gives us new ways of thinking about a morally urgent problem.

We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday, April 24 via Zoom. Registration links will be sent via email. Please feel free to invite those you feel would be invigorated by joining the conversation.