Kjellström-Matseke is Chairman and owner of a number of newly started ventures in both Europe and Africa, including I.E. Perennis Africa, which invests in Southern African growth companies, and STAPP Africa, a Swedish-initiated business collecting and recycling heavy metal debris found in nature. He relocated from Stockholm to Cape Town in 2016.

For the last decade, Niclas Kjellstrom-Matseke was CEO of the Novamedia/Swedish Postcode Lottery (turnover approx 500 MUSD). Together with the Postcode Lotteries in the UK and the Netherlands, it forms the United Postcode Lotteries, the third largest private donor in the world donating over 8.5 billion USD to charity. The Swedish Postcode Lottery, under Kjellström-Matseke, not only showed a tremendous growth in turnover, but also support to charity organizations such as the Clinton Foundation, Red Cross, Nelson Mandela Foundation, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and World Wildlife Fund, among others.

Prior to his role at the Swedish Postcode Lottery, Kjellström-Matseke held senior management positions in various companies including CEO of Spero, another Swedish lottery company. Kjellström-Matseke serves on the board of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa. He is a former member of the Elders’ Advisory Board and an honorary advisory board member of the Aung Sang Suu Kyi ́s World Freedom Fund.

He is a thought-leader focused on the importance of entrepreneurship, sustainability and human rights. Although born in Sweden, Kjellström-Matseke has roots in South Africa, where his grandfather was a founding member of the African National Congress.

Kjellström-Matseke holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics and Babson College in the United States. He also holds a degree in Economics and Social Science from Uppsala University in Sweden.