2020 Music Contest Entry Rules & Resources
Let's Get Started

We have extended the 2020 Speak Up, Sing Out music contest deadline to June 15. We’re aware that many of you are still working on your songs and, in these unusual times, we want to make sure you have the time and support you need to complete your pieces.

  1. Check out previous contest winners, and listen to other songs about social justice to get a sense of the messages and song structure. 
  2. Think about human rights issues that resonate with you. What do you want to write about? What do you want the audience to walk away with after hearing your song? If you’re in need of some inspiration, read about our STTP Defenders to learn about the work they have done around the world, have a look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or think about human rights abuses you’ve witnessed in your own life. What is something that you feel you have to speak up about? (Remember, no matter how old you are, you have a voice!)
  3. Have a look at our resources to learn how to write and record an original song.
  4. Make sure you follow the Contest Guidelines below:
    • Submission must be an original student composition
    • Submission must be performed by the student songwriter(s)
    • The song may be performed a cappella or with accompaniment
    • The song must demonstrate positivity and not victimization
  5. HAVE FUN!! The contest is open to any genre of music so don’t be afraid to experiment.