Teaching Human Rights To Create A Global Citizenry

Based on Kerry Kennedy's book, Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World, our human rights education program, Speak Truth to Power (STTP), combines powerful storytelling and interactive learning to create a global citizenry of students and teachers ready to end and prevent human rights abuses and violations. 

At the heart of STTP are the stories of human rights defenders from around the world. Through our lesson plans, trainings, photo exhibit, play and contests, we bring these stories to life, providing young people with a unique entry point into understanding human rights issues, while also encouraging them to become empathetic and emboldened champions of justice in their every day lives. 

To date, our work has inspired and impacted an estimated 5.7 million students, teachers, community leaders and citizens, and through our partnership with Discovery Education we have the ability to reach more than 30 million students.