Speech Delivered at the Commemoration of the 125th year of the Founding of Central High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 6, 1964


Philadelphia, PA

The young throughout the world will not wait for our concern. They are going ahead with their own revolution, not waiting for us. They are going ahead in their own way and in their own time. In many countries today they are in open revolt against oppression and against poverty, against the grinding condition of systems which have not allowed progress. They are in revolt against the established order, against the status quo. History is on their side, and in one way or another they will achieve a large measure of success in their endeavors, whatever the cost. In so many instances, their revolution is an easy decision for them, for they feel they have nothing to lose. What they think and what they do has a direct effect on all of us here in the United States. Across the globe they are a force of whirlwind proportions, and the world of tomorrow will bear the imprint of their ideals and their goals. For this reason we must be concerned about them.