Program Manager, Workplace Dignity


Program Manager, Workplace Dignity

Workplace Dignity Program

Reporting to: SVP, Workplace Dignity

Full-time (Exempt)

Salary range: $80,000–$85,000

Location: New York, NY, Washington, DC, or San Francisco, CA (Due to COVID-19 this role is eligible to begin remotely.)

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights seeks a Program Manager to join the Workplace Dignity Program in New York, NY, Washington, DC, or San Francisco, CA. Our work stands at the intersection of human rights and the workplace, and we seek candidates whose passions and commitment to dignified work experiences will help us drive our program forward.

The program:

Workplace Dignity is our newest program at RFK Human Rights. It reimagines how people should be valued and treated at work, and it equips organizations and their leaders with strategies and tools that allow all workers to truly thrive, no matter the work they do or where they do it.

Employees derive meaning and purpose from and commit a tremendous amount of time to work. They are entitled, in the words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to a workplace that is “just and favorable” and remuneration that allows them and their families to live dignified lives. But all too often there is a gap between what employees report they are experiencing and what employers think their workplace and its culture are delivering. Organizations can close that gap by centering the dignity of employees, and by honoring their value, worth, and the significant role they play.

Our approach—set out in detail in a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive Workplace Dignity website—goes beyond compliance-driven efforts and slogans, tackling the real issues through actionable day-to-day leadership and systemic structural interventions that affect the entire work experience, from recruiting, communications, and data transparency to compensation, benefits, and beyond. And just as workplaces and issues that confront them continue to evolve, in our own work we will find new and innovative ways to center the dignity of workers as crucial stakeholders in any organizational enterprise, while also giving voice to dignity champions on the front lines.

As Alfre Woodard explains, the fundamental right to dignity at work is a right of everyone, without distinction of any kind.

What you’ll primarily be working on:

  • Project management and execution (~60%) – Support and help lead team projects, serving as the day-to-day lead on execution, management, and coordination.
    • Collaborate with SVP on the launch, content development, and road map of “Voices of Dignity,” a new initiative to amplify the voices of workplace dignity champions and issues across a range of workplace types.

    • Research, track, and summarize emerging workplace dignity developments and draft actionable updates for our published website content.

    • Structure and manage project timelines, goals, and work plans; proactively spot opportunities to accelerate our impact or avoid potential risks or slow-downs.

    • Coordinate project work plans and connected workplace-related efforts with other RFK Human Rights programs.

    • Prepare briefings and other materials (such as speakers’ notes and talking points).

    • Spearhead assessment and refinement of social media strategy and execution in partnership with our communications team.

  • Team coordination and support (20%) – Support overall team project management by designing and maintaining team tools and systems.
    • Design team meeting agendas, and capture key takeaways and action items.

    • Help develop programmatic goals and ensure their alignment with broader RFK Human Rights strategic priorities.

    • Maintain and monitor team progress against strategic objectives and key results; help develop future goals and objectives.

    • Identify and execute ways to achieve shared impact and synergy with other RFK Human Rights programs and to mobilize RFK Human Rights stakeholders in support of our work.

    • Assess and enhance tools supporting the team’s internal management (timelines, budget trackers, deliverable schedules, calendar of events and comms, etc.).

    • Develop tools and resources to track effectiveness of program initiatives and content.

    • Support budget development and management processes.

    • Be the point person responsible for board and executive team workflows and reporting.

    • Participate in the recruitment, hiring, and training of department interns/fellows.

  • External engagement and development (20%) – Represent the Workplace Dignity team externally and to partners as needed.
    • Be the point of contact for our Advisory Council and its strategy development.

    • Help drive business development and fundraising-related outreach and manage development-related reporting (in collaboration with our development team).

    • Support the team’s delivery of consultation-related services.

    • Represent Workplace Dignity at key external events and meetings; help SVP with necessary preparation.

    • Support the team’s offsite engagement work with and serve as a resource and point of contact for partners, stakeholders, and related relationship building.

  • Your first three months will be an introductory period during which you’ll be trained and learn all the ins and outs of your role and our organization. The description above is a high-level outline; day-to-day work flexes to meet the time-sensitive human rights areas we address as an organization and program.

A successful candidate must have the following skills, experience, and interests:

  • At least four years’ experience in a workplace-focused field (e.g., workplace culture and effectiveness; workplace leadership development/training; equitable policy, comp, and benefits strategies; consulting, business development, marketing, social science relating to the workplace, including workplace inclusion and diversity; labor and workforce/workers’ rights advocacy or policy-making).

  • Passion for and subject matter knowledge of areas related to our work (e.g., workplace culture and effectiveness; equity and inclusion, or advocacy for underrepresented or marginalized groups in the workplace; workplace recruiting and retention; economic dignity and the workplace; workplace policy-making and rights; organized labor).

  • Experience managing or working on programmatic operations functions (budgets, program planning and tracking, goal setting, etc.).

  • Demonstrated experience in supporting development, sales and marketing, or fundraising initiatives/outreach (e.g., an ability to develop creative ideas or draft proposals that lead to program financial/grant support and to lead discussions with potential partners on such matters).

  • Strong research skills relating to workplace issues and ability to quickly identify and summarize developments.

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills (including through use of Google Slides or related presentations).

  • Familiarity with social media platforms in the context of branding and organizational voice.

  • Strong attention to detail and ability to scope out errors, including a willingness to own, learn from, and correct mistakes.

  • Exceptional time management, including the ability to manage multiple tasks and projects at once, to turn around assignments and to-do’s with an appropriate sense of urgency, responsiveness, and follow-up, and to be flexible when priorities shift.

  • Able to be a self-starter who shows strong initiative (wants to take the lead or proactively suggest ideas or innovations) as well as a commitment to program and individual growth and goals.

  • Innovative thinking and a willingness to voice opinions to improve our work and goals.

  • Commitment to teamwork and a synergistic approach to working relationships by helping colleagues and “lending a hand.”

  • Able to prioritize inclusion when working with colleagues or partners with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Benefits and perks:

  • RFK Human Rights promotes flexibility and independence to help manage your work and home life. Staff have the ability to work from home or telecommute (post-COVID).
    • During the pandemic, staff have access to a $500 remote supplies fund to help create a more functional and comfortable work-from-home environment.

    • We hold weekly Summer Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day, closing our offices for a half day each Friday so that you can enjoy some extra long weekends.

  • RFK Human Rights values your health. RFK Human Rights covers 100% of individual-only costs of our platinum medical, dental, and vision benefits, and subsidizes the cost of dependent coverage.

  • RFK Human Rights understands the importance of financial planning and saving. We offer:
    • An automatic contribution of 7% of your salary after your first year of employment.

    • A College SaveUp/Loan PayDown program with an automatic $200/month contribution for any current loans or future loans.

    • An automatic monthly cell phone and internet speed stipend of $125/month to offset any phone and internet expenses.

    • A $1,000 benefits card each calendar year to use toward food, home, and life purchases to support work-from-home needs.

  • RFK Human Rights values your growth. RFK Human Rights provides an annual $2,000 professional development stipend to all full-time staff to use toward any courses, conferences, or training that further professional learning and development as well as professional development days/hours to complete these courses.

  • RFK Human Rights loves to celebrate human rights advocates and our hard work! We host award ceremonies, galas, summer outings, holiday parties, potlucks, domestic and international staff retreats, and spur-of-the-moment social outings.

How to apply:

  • Submit your resume and cover letter to with “[Your Name] + WD Manager” in the subject heading.

  • In your cover letter, please include how you heard about this role and why you’re interested in this position.

Our commitment to advancing human dignity and equality in the world extends to our workplace.

We seek to advance fundamental principles of human dignity in all that we do. The engine that powers that is our people, as the contributions of all RFK Human Rights staff drive our impact around the world. To make sure we leverage the perspectives and know-how of everyone on our team, we honor the dignity of our colleagues, drive inclusion and belonging (thereby valuing diversity), and promote equity.

No phone calls, please. RFK Human Rights will contact qualified candidates directly.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights is an equal opportunity employer. We believe we are stronger and more effective when we work internally and externally with people of all abilities, diverse backgrounds, and a range of perspectives, particularly those who have historically been marginalized or underrepresented. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. We do not discriminate in our hiring practices, and in order to build the strongest possible workforce, we actively seek a diverse applicant pool.