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This Week’s Spotlight on Human Rights

Global: New technology and AI used at borders increases inequalities and undermines human rights of migrants

In a new research briefing released today, Amnesty International documents extensively the ways in which technology contributes to the growing trend of human rights violations at borders and urges that states stop using such technologies until they can ensure their use does not violate  human rights. The briefing, The Digital Border: Migration, Technology, and Inequality, outlines how the use of new technologies by both state and non-state actors in migration systems across the world increases the likelihood that the human rights of people on the move—including the rights to privacy, non-discrimination, equality, and to seek asylum—will be violated.

What to Know About the I.C.C. Prosecutor’s Request for Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said on Monday that he had requested arrest warrants for war crimes and crimes against humanity for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and the leaders of Hamas. Here’s a closer look at the court and the warrants.

Statement in Solidarity with Human Rights Defenders in El Salvador

As human rights, faith, environmental, solidarity and Salvadoran diaspora groups in the United States and internationally, we express our solidarity with human rights organizations in El Salvador advocating on behalf of people unjustly detained under the State of Exception, and denounce the police harassment and surveillance against them which has markedly increased in the two years since the start of the State of Exception.