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RFK Human Rights celebrates Guatemalan journalist José Rubén Zamora’s parole decision and his recognition with the Gabo Award

Washington, DC. May 15, 2024. RFK Human Rights celebrates the resolution issued by the Ninth Criminal Sentencing Court in Guatemala in favor of prominent Guatemalan journalist José Rubén Zamora, ordering his conditional release. This resolution represents a significant step towards the respect and protection of freedom of expression in Guatemala. We hope that it will be replicated in the other judicial process against the journalist so that he can effectively enjoy his freedom after more than 655 days of unjust imprisonment and torture.

José Rubén “Chepe” Zamora has been a beacon of courage and journalistic ethics for over 30 years, facing persecution and harassment by various governments in his tireless search for the truth. His latest episode of unjust detention and torture only underscored his unwavering commitment to independent journalism and his courage in the face of adversity. Today’s ruling is a positive first step in the series of legal proceedings unjustly linked to the journalist, and we are pleased to see that the Guatemalan court has taken steps in favor of freedom of expression.

José Rubén Zamora’s great journalistic trajectory has recently been recognized with the prestigious Gabo Award, the highest recognition for journalism and freedom of expression granted by the Gabo Foundation in Colombia. This award underscores the importance of his work in defense of truth and human rights in Guatemala and beyond.

“José Rubén Zamora is a courageous journalist who has risked his life in the pursuit of truth and justice,” said Kerry Kennedy, president of RFK Human Rights. 

We warmly congratulate José Rubén Zamora on this significant victory in the Guatemalan justice system and his well-deserved recognition with the Gabo Award. His example will continue to inspire others and strengthen the struggle for ethical, courageous, and free journalism. Our organization will continue to defend press freedom and the protection of human rights worldwide.