Support career development

Supporting employees’ career development with a focus on equal opportunity is a core element of leadership that promotes fairness and empowers people to control their careers. This matters both in daily work and during key development-related junctures.

Career development efforts can drive workplace dignity.

Supporting people’s career development is a core element of any leadership role. Day-to-day and during key development-related junctures, leaders have opportunities to honor dignity by thinking inclusively about career development and probing management’s practices and decision-making processes.

What is the manager’s responsibility?

Employees rely on their managers to support their development and goals, recognize their contributions, and trust them to execute their work. There are some logical areas to reflect on as a manager, especially relating to discussions about promotions, talent planning, and general workforce planning (especially where underrepresented employees are involved). Often, committing to a specific plan of action consistently across the team will advance development constructively and signal investment in each individual as a contributor, thereby promoting a sense of value and worth.

What you can do: Actions

1. Be consistent, clear, and open when communicating about career goals and development.

2. Notice what factors affect how you assess people’s performance and career development.

3. Challenge the reasons for holding back a promotion or advancement decision.

4. Be flexible in your approach in times of crisis or external upheaval.

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