Actions For Managers

Managers play a central role in honoring dignity in the workplace. These leaders set the workplace tone, and employees take their cues from the behavior they model. We offer practical ways to uphold dignity that foster team-building and employee engagement.

Build trust with your team members

When colleagues trust each other, their work relationships are stronger, they are more committed to the organization, and they make more positive contributions. Productivity increases and stress levels drop, which improves retention and fuels stronger performance.

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Foster a safe and open environment

Safety is at the core of dignity. In a safe environment, people can speak up, give feedback, and bring up dignity violations without fear of being ignored or punished. They also need to feel confident that workplace safety measures are being followed.

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Prioritize an effective feedback culture

A culture of robust feedback—about team and individual performance, operations, and perceived dignity violations—promotes dignity. Poor delivery of feedback stands in the way of team growth, empowerment, and retention.

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Value team members’ differences

When they are understood, embraced, and explicitly shown to matter, differences among team members can foster inclusion and promote dignity. Managers who value differences can fully leverage the strengths of each individual and of the team as a whole.

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Manage team meetings inclusively

The operational norms teams follow when they meet directly affect dignity-honoring elements like inclusion, independence, fairness, and understanding. In these meetings, managers indicate whether all voices matter, how recognition is delivered, and how workplace stress is handled.

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Strengthen synergies across teams

Teams rely on synergies, partnerships, and feedback from adjacent colleagues. Building relationships across teams increases exposure to others’ knowledge and experiences, promotes visibility and growth, and creates a shared sense of mission.

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Support career development

Supporting employees’ career development with a focus on equal opportunity is a core element of leadership that promotes fairness and empowers people to control their careers. This matters both in daily work and during key development-related junctures.

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