Youth Advisory Board Application

Through engaging programming, the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) represents RFKHR Speak Truth to Power by empowering youth to unify and advance human rights.

The YAB strives to embody the virtues of Robert F. Kennedy: A desire to grow and learn through empathy, passion, and stewardship in order to inspire ourselves and others. The YAB is tasked with inspiring students to take informed action in advancing the cause of human rights, providing resources for youth to tackle issues in or outside of their communities, and documenting the success of our work and celebrating the progression of their values.

If you're interested in joining the YAB and bringing human rights education to youth across the nation, apply below! Youth Advisory Board members are compensated with a $250 professional development stipend as well as travel, meals, and lodging at one annual YAB meeting per year.

Help Us Protect Human Rights

Please give now. Your contribution will make a difference in the critical effort to achieve equal rights for all.