Getting started on campus

Chances are you’re not the only one passionate about your issue on campus. All you need is yourself and a few others who share your passion to create a club or organization and get the work started. We’re here to help!

Create a club or organization on campus.

You (and maybe a few others you know) have an issue you are passionate about and you want to transform that passion into action. That’s great! Forming a club or organization on campus is an effective way to use your college’s resources to help you create change and have an impact on the issues that are important to you.

Get officially recognized by your school.

Unofficial clubs often have limited functionality. The official distinction allows student organizations to host official campus events, reserve regular meeting rooms, conduct outreach for new members and fundraisers (“tabling”), secure some school funding for events and activities, and use college-owned tech (i.e. projectors). Perks official clubs receive vary by campus. Check with the department that oversees your college’s student organizations to find out how to make your group official.

Build your team.

To start a club, you just need yourself and a few people who share your specific passion. They can be friends, classmates who have shown an interest in your focus, or faculty or staff who have introduced you to other students with similar interests.

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