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Help Cameroon Refugees in the U.S. Apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)


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Right now, Cameroon is amid multiple humanitarian crises – war crimes, massive internal displacement, serious human rights abuses by both government forces and armed groups and critical shortages of essentials including water, food, housing and healthcare.

For Cameroon nationals living in the United States, there is no safe return to Cameroon. In fact, deportation could be a death sentence. With TPS, this community has access to protection from that fate, if they sign up.

With your help, this displaced population will be able to live and work in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

If you are a practicing attorney in good standing that would like to assist these immigrants through the application process, then complete the form below.

It is critical for anyone navigating the system to have legal guidance, because an incorrect application can increase the risk of deportation.

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