Elizabeth Gildersleeve

VP of Communications

A communications strategist with extensive branding experience, Elizabeth Gildersleeve oversees Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights’ communications group: media relations, social media, the website, content creation, and the development of a wide range of print and digital communications.

She joined Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights in June of 2019. Previously, she was the Chief Communications Officer at Wellesley College where she led the Communications and Public Affairs group. Having helped develop Wellesley’s brand positioning, her mission was to enhance Wellesley’s reputation and build the College’s visibility. In managing Wellesley’s communications, Elizabeth and her group focused on creating opportunities for the College to generate awareness and demonstrate thought leadership.

Elizabeth spent the bulk of her career in communications firms including D’Arcy and Grey. She worked for more than 10 years at J. Walter Thompson, where, as Senior Vice President, she founded and led the Integrated Brand Communications unit. Elizabeth received her B.A. in English from Trinity College.