Environmental and climate justice

At RFK Human Rights, we know that environmental issues are human rights issues. Our team uses advocacy, litigation, and education to bring awareness and effect change at this critical intersection:

  • Our International Advocacy and Litigation team works with grassroots environmental defenders, largely women and indigenous communities, to strengthen their capacity to protect the environment and their rights to have a say in projects and policies that can impact their communities, as we advocate for a strong civic space more broadly.
  • Our Compass Investors program partners with investors to focus on the “S” in ESG—the sustainable and societal impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance investing—and ensure it remains a priority. By developing, curating, and disseminating appropriate tools and initiatives to engage and support investors’ work on social justice, we catalyze actions and drive positive change impacting people, the planet, and profit.
  • Robert F. Kennedy believed that each individual holds the power to invoke change. In the spirit of this vision, our annual Human Rights Award uplifts local activists, including Brazilian environmental defender and indigenous leader Alessandra Korap Munduruk.
  • Our human rights education program, Speak Truth to Power, offers downloadable lesson plans focusing on environmental issues for teachers to incorporate into their classroom instruction.