Ricarda (Ricky) Velez-Negron serves as Office Manager/Executive Assistant at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights supporting office operational systems and staff with day-to-day attention to technical and administrative details and evolving needs.

Ricky attended Katherine Gibbs Business School in Manhattan. She studied Business Administration, Stenography and Speedwriting to develop key office operations skills.  Her first corporate position was with Mitsubishi InternationalCorporation in NYC as a Junior Secretary for the Fine Chemicals Department where her business skills were further developed.

Ricky took an innovative step serving as Travel Coordinator for seven years for the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. A major focus of her position meant working with all Regional Settlement Offices around the United States with timely update/communications regarding the arrival of new refugees. 

Based on these experiences and solid networks, Ricky advanced in this sector by assuming the role of Senior Administrative Assistant to the director of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations Office, a major non-governmental organization accredited to the United Nations headquarters with a broad range of local, regional and national duties to coordinate administrative, operational and partnership activities.

With enlarging responsibilities during fifteen years of full time service/employment, Ricky managed practical, logistical, scheduling aspects of the office, working as part of the core team with a range of  Executive staff, interns, volunteers and frequent guests/visitors from the USA and overseas. She maintained admin communications and financial accounts with the national Presbyterian headquarters regularly traveling to Kentucky. Her long standing professional presence and understanding of the civil society dimensions of working around the United Nations made her a reliable resource person at the UN Church Center adjacent to the global secretariat. Her interests and style enabled support systems with numerous other humanitarian organizations, committees and membership processes where Ricky's experience has been regarded as a value-added asset for overall good office management and smooth annual operations.

Seeking some career change, Ricky joined the International Peace Institute, a prestigious global think-tank associated with the UN, to assist in timely/strategic preparations for Special Events with experts, diplomats, academics and other leaders.

When not working, Ricky's priorities are family life, especially with her daughter, Kaysaree, and pet Yorkshires, Westley & Maxwell. In 2016 becoming a Grandmother for a new grand-daughter, Zoe, will rank as a high priority. Whether in English, Spanish or computer skills, Ricky will be busy communicating with the next generation.