Q: I am a reporter looking to speak to one of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights's experts. Whom should I contact?

A: Please get in touch with Laura Marcucci, lmarcucci@rfkhumanrights.org, (917) 284-6359

Q: I am a teacher interested in bringing the Speak Truth To Power Curriculum into my classroom. Who can help?

A: Please contact Program Coordinator Jenny Girardi at girardi@rfkhumanrights.org or (202) 463-7575

Q: I'm looking for legal assistance. Can Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights help?

A: No. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights does not offer private legal assistance.

Q: I'm looking to contact a member of the Kennedy family. Can Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights put me in touch?

A: No. We cannot put you in contact with any member of the Kennedy Family.