47th Annual RFK Journalism Awards (for 2014 Coverage)
High School Broadcast:

"Our Cameras, Our Stories," John Alpert and Team, Downtown Community Television Center, New York

High School Print: 

"Eyes on Ferguson," Gwyneth Henke, The Globe, Clayton High School, Clayton, MO


"Wrongful Convictions," Alec Klein and Team, Medill Justice Project, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL   


"Darrin Bell 2014 Editorial Cartoons," Darrin Bell, The Washington Post Writers Group

New Media:

"Firestone and the Warlord," T. Christian Miller and Jonathan Jones, ProPublica and PBS Frontline


"Boxed In: When the Punishment No Longer Fits the Crime," Carrie Johnson, Marisa Peñalosa, and Beth Donovan, NPR News

Domestic Photography: 

"California's Dust Bowl," Michael Robinson Chavez, The Los Angeles Times

International Photography: 

"Ebola: A Desperate Struggle," Michel duCille, The Washington Post

Domestic Print: 

"Cruel and Unusual," Julie K. Brown, Miami Herald

International Print Winner: 

"Product of Mexico," Richard Marosi and Don Bartletti,The Los Angeles Times

Domestic Television: 

"Solitary Nation," Daniel Edge, PBS Frontline and WGBH

International Television: 

"Qatar's World Cup," Jeremy Schaap, Beein Gim, Andy Tennant, Michael Baltierra, and Tim Horgan, ESPN E:60