July 2016 
18-22 July 2016
The Inter-American Human Rights System
Location: Washington D.C.

We will be holding the 6th annual course on the Inter-American System for state officials. The training will be held in parallel to the regular session of the Commission and aims to inform participants on effective use of the human rights protection system by state officials from Member States of the Organization of American States (OAS). This trainings works to deepen participants’ knowledge of the procedures, standards and mechanisms of the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights. This training is directed specially to state officials.

September 2016
5-9 September 2016
“Training for Former Political Prisoners from Myanmar”
Location: Florence

During 2016 a set of several trainings will take place in Myanmar to train Former Political Prisoners (FPPs), and one specifically will take place in Florence, Italy. The training courses intend to foster a community who have a detailed understanding and appreciation for human rights and democratic governance principles and who have the ability to replicate this knowledge in their communities.

October 2016
3-7 October
Human Rights Protection Mechanisms
Location: Florence

The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute presents the fourth training on International Human Rights Protection Mechanisms.

Universal recognition of human rights remains a major challenge in virtually all corners of the world. Civil society organizations play a crucial role in order to achieve a better level of protection of human rights for all.

By bringing together practitioners and activists from all over the world, this program aims at strengthening their capacity to access and utilize regional and international human rights procedures, standards and mechanisms. The confluence of rich, varying experiences from different protection mechanisms provides with a unique opportunity to share lessons learned, both in using international mechanisms and working for their improvement. This year the analyzed thematic area will be Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatments.

24 October – 4 November 2016
Human Rights Protection-Civil Society Engagement 
Location: Washington D.C.

Together with prestigious American universities and the Inter-American Commission on human rights, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Training Institute will deliver the course aiming at building capacity for the effective use of the human rights protection system by the civil society and at deepening the knowledge of the procedure, standards and mechanisms of the American Commission and Court of Human Rights. The course presents the opportunity to the civil society to exchange experiences and best practices and reinforce communication with the IACHR.

The training is targeted to NGO organizations working in human rights issues that are looking forward to acquire practical experience to submit cases before the IACHR and UN System.

August 2017
 August 2017
“Humans Rights Summer Course”
Location: Florence, Italy

The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute will implement a summer course on Human Rights for students that wish to learn basic human rights concepts. The training course will go through the study of the international instruments on human rights, to the study of the regional and international protection mechanisms, such as the Commissions, the Courts and practical cases.