Mission and Impact

The Training Institute seeks to provide human rights activists and practitioners with capacity-enhancing programming. Our programs are conceived not as isolated trainings, but as part of a complete strategy to promote the protection of human rights. Inspired by Robert F. Kennedy’s conviction that every person can make a difference, we offers trainings where participants develop skills that can be implemented in communities and around the world.


The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute provides trainings on a variety of human rights issues. Every year, we convene groups of practitioners for annual trainings including but not limited to the topics of:

  • LGBT rights
  • Women’s rights

  • Children’s rights

  • International human rights protection mechanisms

  • Defense against discrimination 

  • Protection of Journalists 

  • Focus on Digital Security 

    • As part of our commitment to ensuring that human rights practitioners have the tools needed in our rapidly changing world, the RFK Training Institute includes practical units on digital security in every training, meeting, or consultation

Our Method

The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute strives to implement certain methods when developing our trainings that reflect our mission, including

  • Consultation with intended audiences in the design and development of training programs

  • Cooperation and partnerships with key human rights organizations, other non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, and international organizations that offer specialized  human rights trainings

  • Integration with other Robert F. Kennedy programs (Partners for Human Rights, Speak Truth to Power, Compass) in terms of programming and participation of laureates, staff, and so on.

Our Participants
  • Human rights organizations

  • Human rights activists

  • Government officials

  • Practitioners

  • Corporate executives 

  • Students

Since its founding, hundreds of participants from 56 nationalities have attended courses at the Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute. Our global reach has enabled us to create partnerships with regional and international sectors, practitioners, governments, and NGOs

Our Trainers

Large part of the courses that the Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute develops are with the in-house capacities of its staff. Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and the Training Institute counts with a variety of professionals, most of them specialized in international law and with a long experience working in the sector of human rights.

At the same time, Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute partners with different organizations worldwide, allowing us to invite trainers from a number of leading organizations, including: professors of the American University Washington College of Law, lawyers and representatives of the Inter-American Commission on HRs and the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on HRs, directors and professors from the European Human Rights Advocacy Center (ECHRAC), the Irish Centre for Human Rights, UN Special Rapporteurs, Officers of United Nations, among many others.


Most of the training courses are mainly developed and presented in English. However, several courses have been adapted and delivered in other languages, including Spanish, Russian and on what the specific group needs.


The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute’s headquarters is located in the heart of Florence, Italy. We host several of our trainings in this location, at the Robert F. Kennedy International House of Human Rights.

In addition, the Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute vision is to develop trainings worldwide in order to arrive to our target groups and in the last year, our global reach has enabled us to develop trainings in other cities such as Washington, New York, Myanmar, among others.