The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute is the capacity-building arm of Partners for Human Rights, the organization’s advocacy and litigation program. It opened its doors in 2011 to human rights activists and practitioners from around the world, who attend meetings, conferences, and trainings designed to strengthen their capacity in human rights issues

Mission and Impact

The Training Institute seeks to give human rights activists and practitioners practical, capacity-enhancing knowledge. Its programs are conceived not as isolated trainings but as part of a complete strategy to promote the protection of human rights. Inspired by Robert F. Kennedy’s conviction that every person can make a difference, the Training Institute promotes trainings whose results can be implemented directly in communities and around the world.

The Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute was established in 2011 to complement the organization's existing programs – Partners in Human Rights,  Speak Truth to Power, and Compass – and to intensify and multiply the organization’s efforts to strengthen the capacity of human rights advocates as a key strategy to advance human rights globally. 

Please contact us at to learn more about trainings at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Training Institute.