Our advocates raise awareness of the most important and sometimes overlooked human rights abuses, amplifying the voices of local defenders and pressuring those in power to respect human dignity.

Through our International Strategic Litigation work we bring cases before regional and international tribunals and human rights mechanisms, establishing new and far-reaching precedents that raise human rights standards around the globe.

At the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Training Institute, human rights defenders from around the world gather to attend expert workshops, share their experiences, and reflect on their work, making them more effective champions of justice when they return home.

Partners for Human Rights presents the annual Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, which recognizes a courageous individual whose activism reflects Robert Kennedy’s belief that every individual can make a difference. The award’s recipients enter multi-year partnerships with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, anchoring Partners for Human Rights’s work  and strengthening the activists’ ability to make gentler the life of the world.