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The murder of activist Miriam Rodríguez in Mexico highlights the dangers faced by mothers and families searching for their disappeared relatives
Press Release | May 17, 2017


El asesinato de la defensora Miriam Rodríguez evidencia los riesgos que enfrentan las madres y familias que buscan a sus desaparecidos en México
Press Release | May 17, 2017


Organizaciones internationales solicitan se garantice el debido proceso y la integridad del fiscal Orlando Lòpez 
Press Release | September 29, 2016
International organizations request that due process and the personal integrity of the prosecutor Orlando López be respected 
Press Release | September 29, 2016


International organizations call on the Dominican Government to investigate attack on human rights defender and protect his safety 
Press Release | September 28, 2016


Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights condemns the assassination of courageous Honduran activist Berta Cáceres
News Release | March 4, 2016

Our Programs in Americas

  • Partners for Human Rights

    Our lawyers and experts join with our partners in the field to create real change, fulfilling Robert Kennedy’s pledge that those with the courage to enter moral conflict will find themselves with companions in every corner of the globe.

  • Speak Truth to Power

    A human rights education program that strives to create a global citizenry dedicated to the highest standards of justice and equality.

  • Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Young Leaders

    Robert Kennedy called young people “the world’s hope.” He believed in their energy, talent, and idealism—qualities that define the RFK Young Leaders, a group of innovative, influential, and philanthropic young adults dedicated to creating a more just and peaceful world.

  • Health eVillages

    Bringing lifesaving technology to those who need it most


  • Robert F. Kennedy Training Institute

    Welcoming human rights defenders, government employees, NGOs, and members of civil society from all over the world to learn new skills, strengthen their capacities, and share their knowledge. 

  • Juvenile Justice Collaborative

    Helping young people live productive lives after incarceration

  • RFKennedy Compass

    Engaging the investment community at the intersection of business and human rights.