Since 2009, RFK Human Rights has worked closely with RFK Human Rights Award laureates Magodonga Mahlangu and Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), the largest grassroots civil society organization in Zimbabwe. Founded in 2003, WOZA has been at the vanguard of Zimbabwe’s pro-democracy movement, bravely advocating for political rights and basic civil liberties, often at great personal risk.

RFK Human Rights has also collaborated with a wide range of human rights defenders across Zimbabwe on issues relating to the right of peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, and LGBT rights, emerging as one the premier advocacy groups working on the country. In 2013, we issued a report entitled, A Promise in Peril: How Widespread Rights Violations Undermine Zimbabwe’s Elections, which has since been routinely cited by journalists and international media outlets. Today, RFK Human Rights continues to help draw attention to the ongoing abuses taking place in the country and remains committed to working with human rights defenders to advance the respect for human rights by engaging with policymakers in the U.S., as well as at the African Union and the United Nations.

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