Our Programs

  • Advocacy & Litigation

    Robert F. Kennedy pledged that “those with the courage to enter moral conflict will find themselves with companions in every corner of the globe.” Our team of lawyers and issue experts collaborate with partners around the world to create lasting legal change. Through legal advocacy, we have freed political prisoners, defended the rule of law in autocratic regimes and amplified the voices of human rights defenders in the United States and abroad.

  • Teaching Human Rights

    Our human rights education program strives to create a global citizenry through student education. We develop classroom lesson plans in collaboration with educators that bring the stories of human rights defenders to life. Students gain an understanding of pressing humanitarian issues, and build hands-on activism experience through activities that encourage direct engagement with decision makers in their localities.

  • Engaging the Investment Community

    Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights works closely with institutional investors and business leaders to promote investment approaches that consider human rights, our environment and good corporate governance. Program participants oversee more than $7 trillion in assets and discover new ways to do well by doing good.

  • Inspiring Young Leaders

    Robert F. Kennedy called young people “the world’s hope.” We foster that optimism by convening young leaders engaged in making their world a more just and fair place. These innovative, influential and philanthropic young adults host events and share ideas that result in new approaches to human rights advocacy.