“A Tiny Ripple of Hope”


“A Task For Each One of Us”


During his lifetime, Robert Kennedy fought passionately for human rights both in the United States and across the globe. He became a champion of the oppressed and impoverished, believing that each of us, especially the young, has both the responsibility and the capacity to make a positive difference in overcoming social injustice.

The RFK Legacy Education Project is a rich collection of digital resources designed to inform and inspire a new generation by:

  • Exploring the courageous journey of  Robert Kennedy through his inspiring words and actions

  • Discovering of the meaning of his message and learning to apply it to our own times

  • Maintaining the legacy of one of the most impassioned human rights figures in American history

  • Joining the legacy of his call for each of us to take a stand against injustice

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This Date, in History:

March 1, 1948

"Bobby" as a varsity football player, while attending Harvard University.