I am truly honored to join the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Leadership Council. Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a peaceful and just world through the advancement of human rights is a vision I personally share. It is my belief that the future of humanity and our ability to fashion a framework for coexistence and lasting peace will be predicated on the creation of a strong foundation that guarantees the inalienable rights of all without prejudice. 

The opportunity for me to bring the social evangelism of music and my personal insights to support and catalyze Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights' advocacy and educational outreach offers an additional avenue to shine a light on the challenges facing the underprivileged and oppressed of the world.  Through my involvement I hope to contribute to the efforts to collectively remedy injustice and socio-political disparities. 

In my native Africa, the rights of women and issues of gender equality are primary developmental challenges. I am inspired by our collaboration contributing effectively to making a meaningful impact on women's education, health, equality, political representation and economic empowerment. I look forward to my participation in the Concert for Social Justice, Speak Truth To Power and other cornerstone initiatives as well as working with Kerry Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Quincy Jones and other distinguished luminaries of the Leadership Council in advancing the objectives and goals of the organization.