(Washington D.C. – Ciudad Juárez, December 16th, 2016) Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights along with Centro para el Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer, A.C. (CEDIMAC) have filed a petition against Mexico before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for the disappearance of seven young women in between the months of March and July of 2011 in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Seven years after the Inter-American Court of Human Rights’ landmark decision in the Campo Algodonero case holding Mexico responsible for grave human rights violations against several young women whose murders in Ciudad Juárez were never resolved, Mexico continues to fail to investigate and prosecute cases of violence against women in Ciudad Juárez.

The petition filed on behalf of these seven young women and their families denounces violations by Mexico for failing to guarantee the right to life, the right to humane treatment, the right to personal freedom, and the right to judicial protection, amongst other rights enshrined in the American Convention on Human Rights. Mexico’s obligation to guarantee these rights is reinforced under the Convention of Belém do Pará, to which it is also a State party.

Despite being fully aware of the context of violence against women in Mexico, and in Ciudad Juárez in particular, Mexico has not investigated the disappearances of these seven young women, all between the ages of 16 and 26 at the time of their disappearance in 2011, nor has it taken any measures to locate them regardless of serious evidence that their disappearance could be linked to human trafficking.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, CEDIMAC, and the families of these seven young women hope that this petition will contribute to bringing justice to the victims and their families and will lead Mexico to adopt structural reforms for the eradication of all forms of violence against women in Mexico, including femicide, disappearances, and human trafficking. 

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