The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Leadership Council welcomes its youngest members, Richard and Eric Dong. Richard, 16, and Eric, 14, are examples to the youth community that it is never too early to establish a philanthropic footprint.

Competitive swimmers, avid debaters and talented pianists, both brothers began their foray into financial investments in 2010 in addition to keeping up with their high school curriculum. With their personal investment earnings, Richard and Eric have endowed their middle school and high school with philanthropic gifts that support scholarships, the arts, teacher appreciation and student organizations.

Most recently, they generously created an endowment for the International Leadership Foundation (ILF), supporting leadership training, global democracy and governance initiatives with a focus on Asian nations.

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Leadership Council is a group of committed supporters who understand the importance of a philanthropic investment or advocacy on behalf of Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy. Chaired by Ethel Kennedy, members include local and global leaders, entrepreneurs, activists and artists who provide Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights with financial and social capital to help us tackle the world’s most daunting human rights challenges.

“Let there be a world where peace is eminent, stronger relations with its citizens, governments that are accountable for the people, and basic rights available to all. This is what I believe in and that is why I am here to join the RFK Human Rights Leadership Council. Let us see tomorrow as another chance to better the world and a step closer to an earth RFK envisioned.“ –Richard Dong

"I am proud to join the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Leadership Council because I want to promote human rights and democracy throughout the world, especially in China for the 1.4 billion Chinese people who have been longing for these values for centuries."– Eric Dong